About Kamini™

Kamini Beauty, named after the woman who has worked for around 20 years to create pioneering treatments for the world to experience. Her name means ‘a beautiful women’ both inside out in Sanskrit and it transfers perfectly to her salons philosophy.

Famous in celebrity circles for her bespoke eyebrow shape which has to be tried to be believed. Kamini also offers a host of other services that are a fusion of East and West, within the peaceful haven that is her salon located in Kensington, London in the heart of the Royal Borough.

Kamini has dedicated her life to understanding beauty therapy in a way that others don’t. Her personal philosophy, which is at the heart of her business, is that of changing the way people think as well as the way people look and feel about their face and body. She believes that beauty is something that should relate to and gel with a person’s lifestyle, help nurture their inner soul and consequently facilitate in evolving as a person.

Her prime expertise and what she has become famous for in celebrity circles is her bespoke eyebrow shape – second to none in the business – and has to be tried to be believed. Having taught herself the miraculous technique, Kamini operates a swift, pain-free service that she confirms will eventually prevent systematic re-growth and will leave you with eyebrows looking like that of a movie star.

Kamini has also developed her own facials, accompanied with massages, to achieve perfect results for all different types of skin. It takes just one glance at a client’s face for her to know immediately what the problem is and how it can be rectified. Nobody has perfect skin to begin with, but with Kamini’s intuition and innovation, she can get it to as close to perfect as is humanly possible.