Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair growth patterns differ significantly on all areas of the body and you will be surprised to know that no two areas are the same. Did you know that Laser hair removal does not particularly work well on all hair types, especially dark and coarse? This is where our skilled, experienced and unbiased staff helps you make a genuine decision regarding which hair removal method shall suit you best, making the treatment as bespoke and effective as possible.


We like to be ahead of our time and the latest technology in hair removal namely the Ellipse Light System is what we like to offer to our clients especially suited for larger areas of the body and clients with darker, coarser hair. How it works is by targeting short bursts of light from a flash lamp into the target area. The hair containing melanin then transfers the heat to the hair follicle, consequently destroying it and turning it incapable of hair production.

Appropriate for all over body and face hair removal, IPL is a permanent solution to all hair problems and has been clinically proven to be safe of any harmful wavelengths. Depending on which area of the body is being treated, one session can last as long as 5 to 120 minutes and we recommend at least 3-6 sessions for optimal, long lasting results. As for pain, differing individualistically of course and based on the area of the body and the sensitivity there, it can vary from almost nothing to a stinging sensation.

Areas covered: Upper Lip, Chin, Sides of Face, Full Face, Forehead, Neck (front), Under Arms, Lower Arms, Upper Arms, Full Arms, Lower Legs, Upper Legs, Bikini, Brazilian, Bikini & inner Thigh, Stomach Centre Line, Upper Back, Lower Back, Chest


Another treatment suitable for smaller areas of the face and body and for treating individual hairs with precision is Electrolyses. Our trained therapists provide this treatment safely and guarantee permanent results. Unlike IPL, Electrolyses targets the hair follicle directly instead of the hair pigment. An electric impulse of energy is passed through the hair follicle, removing hair without pulling it.

We recommend a series of treatments of Electrolyses to witness satisfying results and also because hair growth occurs in various cycles, repeated treatment sessions will weaken the hair overtime causing growth to stun eventually.

The success of electrolysis depends on the therapist and we make sure to put you in safe hands by choosing experts in the field with years of experience on hand. Although the process is a quick one, a session can range from 15 minutes to an hour. A virtually painless, prickling sensation is known to have been felt when each hair follicle is targeted.


Have you always desired silky, smooth skin without wanting to opt for permanent hair removal treatments? They say ‘no pain, no gain’ but we dare to challenge that notion by our superior quality of wax-based resins to promote faster healing and finer hair growth.

Whether you are looking to achieve an exotic Brazilian wax or a glamorous Hollywood wax, our trained therapists have it all covered for you, ensuring minimum pain and maximum, long lasting results. Besides, waxing is the least damaging temporary hair removal technique and is good for your skin, encouraging exfoliation of dead skin and rejuvenating skin alongside. If you have always suffered from razor cuts and pigmentation due to that, switch to waxing now to witness the flawless results for yourself!

Areas covered: Half Leg, 3/4 Leg, Full Leg, Under Arm, Half Arm, Full Arm, Bikini, Extended Bikini, Brazilian, Hollywood.

Hair Removal