Eye and Brow Enhancements


A long-lasting method which gives a natural look lasting between 6-12 months.

If you live a demanding lifestyle as a working woman, athlete or a bride-to-be but like to look presentable using make-up, give up the daily hassle of smudging and smearing trying to squeeze it into your schedule. Opt for microblading instead to help you look naturally beautiful 24/7. Whether you’re looking to fill in sparse or non-existent eyebrows to frame your face for more definition, based on your face shape, features and personal preferences, Kamini will suggest a bespoke treatment to naturally enhance your beautiful self.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Do those scanty brows worry you? Have you always wanted darker, fuller looking brows? If no amount of brow pencil is helping you achieve that, a safe and long lasting Eye Brow tint is what will make a world of difference in framing your eyes as well as your face.

Darker eyelashes give an illusion of dense, thicker lashes and draw attention to your eyes. If Mascara’s have disappointed you or you are fed up of them running down your eyes at the end of the day, an eyelash tint will make sure you come out of the pool looking ‘lash’tastic.

Lash Lift

In conjunction with a good eyelash tint, we recommend Lash Lift to intensify the results. A semi-permanent method of curling lashes; this removes the need to use eye lash curlers and is highly beneficial for an occasion, especially if you have straight lashes that are difficult to curl. Lasting for 4-5 weeks, this treatment will provide you with naturally fluttery lashes.

Eye and Brow Enhancements