Alternate Therapies

Massage & Holistic

Here at Kamini, we offer a range of holistic therapies


Indian Head Massage

An ancient ayurvedic practice dating back to 4000 years, that targets stiff back, neck, shoulders and scalp and relieve muscles that have been sore due to stress. Many clients report it to promote clarity of thought, improve alertness and concentration by improving blood circulation around the area. Healing on an emotional level as well, any frequent headaches and migraines can be alleviated alongside nurturing the condition of hair via better blood circulation around the scalp.

Holistic Massage

The word ‘holistic’ means affecting the body as a whole unit instead of segregating areas of the body and treating them separately. With the aim of aligning the body and the mind so they work in sync with your daily life, a holistic massage at our salon promises to balance your mind, body and spirit. The body is interconnected and we believe that by affecting the body, we affect the mind as well as the emotions. Restoring natural inner balance, promoting wellbeing and aiding self healing are just a few of the uncountable benefits of this personalised de-stressing journey that we call a massage.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

Ear candles work by creating a suction that pulls free collected particles of wax and regains body’s balance by drawing out impurities and getting rid of congestion. Hollow candles are placed on the ear and lit from the top so you can experience the revitalising heat. The soothing and non invasive technique is also known to treat ailments unconnected with ear and should be tried especially if you suffer from sinus and ear infections.

Tao Healing Hands Therapy 

Our body when encountered in a flight or fight situation, moulds itself into certain shapes and positions as its survival instinct kicks in. This is not a problem until the body decides to stay in that response mode and not return back to normal as a result of which illnesses such as stress, migraine, flue, depression, aching joints and muscle develop. These prevent us physically and emotionally from performing our best in our everyday life and the effort we require in physical and emotional activities doubles up, tiring one more.

The treatment works as a saviour, aiding your body to recover from its current state and function effectively and to the best of its ability, consequently leaving you full of energy and ready to deal with life in a positive manner. Preparing the body to heal itself, Body Alignment restores a better functioning nervous system, automatically leading to good health, better blood circulation and efficient immune system.

Alternate Therapies